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Beatles (Fab Beatles) - Tribute Bands - Exeter

Beatles (Fab Beatles)-Tribute Bands-Exeter

The Fab Beatles are one of the best sound-a-like Beatles Tributes in the country. Offering a stunning show of up to 4 x sets from the major different eras of the band. A fully 'self-contained' show including disco.

Any day of the week:

1765 for 2 x 40-45 minute sets plus costume change.

2060 for 2 x 40-45 minute sets plus costume change and also including their top quality self contained disco option.

Travel is included up to a distance of 150 miles from home area of Exeter.
Tribute Bands

Four of the major eras of the Beatles.

See main description.


Formed in 1991 have risen through sheer hard work & dedication to be one of the most sort-after Beatles tribute bands in the world today, with concerts performed all over the UK, Europe, Middle East & the Americas.

The Fab Beatles show starts with early "Hamburg" material & goes right through all the singles & album tracks to "Let It Be" & the "break-up", with a repertoire that is second to none!

Chosen by the BBC as "The Best" & commissioned by EMI to promote the "Beatles 1" CD

The Fab Beatles pride themselves on professionalism & attention to detail & It's well documented that the Fab's sound is the closest you will ever hear to the originals.

The Fab Beatles use only authentic instruments & costume & can now boast to have the very drum-kit Ringo used on The Beatles 1964 American tour no-less!

The Fab Beatles are the industry's choice & considered the ultimate standard to aspire to by other acts.
See & hear for yourself.......

The Fab Beatles are a fully 'self-contained' professional Beatles Tribute Show. Offering a Beatles Show to suit your requirement and including either backing music in support or a full on Disco with their sound engineer (Rich) working as DJ. Basically the 'full' package for your special event all wrapped up by one group of professionals (and Rich does make an extremely good DJ!).

The 2001 Theatre Show:

'Hello folks and welcome to The Fab Beatles theatre show. We are going to take you on a Roller-coaster ride, a journey spanning the whole eight year period of the most incredible and influential band the world has ever known. TFB's now in their tenth year started off as just massive Beatles fans with an idea of creating the most accurate 'live' tribute anyone had ever heard. Each song has been meticulously researched for it's musical structure and format. Using exact replica instrumentation enforces the accuracy. TFB's refuse to use any other additional musicians or 'backing-tapes' but choose to recreate the songs as honestly as possible. The only exceptions being the middle parts of 'A Day In The Live' and 'I am The Walrus'. Our 4 x set show will cover all the most significant songs from all the eras. Obviously with time constraints we can not fit every song you would want to hear into one show. So come and see us again, we never play the same show 'twice'. We hope to thrill the 'die-hard' fans and enthral those of you 'new' to Beatle music. Please feel free to clap your hands (rattle your jewellery) stamp your feet and make as much noise as you can.'

'A splendid time is guarantied for all'.

Set 1. From the years 1963 / 64 / 65 songs taken from 'Please Please Me', 'With The Beatles', 'A Hard Days Night', 'Beatles For Sale' and 'Help'. Plus singles and EP's.

Set 2. From the years 1965 / 66 songs taken from 'Rubber Soul' and 'Revolver'. Plus singles and EP's.

Set 3. From the years 1967 / 68 songs taken from 'Sgt. Pepper' and 'The Magical Mystery Tour'. Plus singles and EP's.

Set 4. From the years 1968 / 69 / 70 songs taken from 'The White Album', 'Abbey Road' and 'Let It Be'. Plus singles and EP's.

The Fab Beatles are:

Kev Day as John Lennon
Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Keyboards and Harmonica.
Equipment used: Rickenbacker 325v63, Epiphone Casino, Gibson J160e, Kerzweil Piano, Casio Tonebank, Hohner Chromatic Harmonica - Vox AC 30.

Andy Southard as Paul McCartney
Instruments: Bass
Equipment used: Hofner V 63 500/1 Rickenbacker 4001S, Vox AC 50, Vox T100.

Lyndon Wilson as George Harrison
Instruments: Guitar
Equipment used: Gretsch Country Gentleman, Epiphone Casino, Rickenbacker 12 string 360v64, Gibson SG, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Vox AC 30.

Pete Isbell as Ringo Star
Instruments: Drums / Percussion
Equipment used: Ludwig Super Classic 1966

What people have said about the Fab Beatles:

Michael Parkinson - 'The Fab Beatles are truly fab and I know because I saw the other lot.'

Nina Myskow - 'I thought they were excellent. I shut my eyes and it actually was the Beatles on stage!'

Stan Parkes is John Lennon's first cousin, a friend of the Fab Beatles sent him a copy of our 'Live' CD. He very kindly replied and gave these comments below and granted us full permission to use them.
'Thank you for sending me a copy of the CD The FBA Beatles Live, I must say that their presentation of The Beatles is excellent. In fact, I could quite believe that I was actually listening to The Beatles. Kev, is a dead ringer for 'our' John and sounds just like him!! The others in the band are as excellent too and all do a very professional impersonation of The Beatles. All their songs are magical and very well portrayed. In fact, I would say that they are very much better than 'The Bootleg Beatles', as you know I've been to see their shows.'

Expose Newspaper - 'OK, so everybody in the Country likes or loves The Beatles, and spookily, it seems as if we are born innately knowing all of their songs. But try picturing a cynical eighteen year old Radiohead fan waving a lighter from side to side as a Beatles tribute plays 'Hey Jude'. Hard to do? Well it was happening, because these are The Fab Beatles and they could impress anybody.'

Jonathon Ross - Talking on his Radio 2 show about 'The Battle Of The Fantasy Bands (BBC1)'. 'I thought TFB's were excellent and definitely the best.'

Clients include - The BBC. Carlton TV, BBC Radio, EMI, Cavern City Tours, Courage, Ferrero UK, Virgin, The Armed Forces, Camra, Toshiba and many others.

Demo Downloads:
Love Me Do
535 KB
1,036 KB
Paperback Writer
997 KB

Extra Pictures:
Beatles (Fab Beatles)-Tribute Bands-Exeter Beatles (Fab Beatles)-Tribute Bands-Exeter
Beatles (Fab Beatles)-Tribute Bands-Exeter Beatles (Fab Beatles)-Tribute Bands-Exeter
Beatles (Fab Beatles)-Tribute Bands-Exeter  

Customer Feedback
Wedding Reception at The Copthorne Hotel London Gatwick
Please pass on my thanks to your group the Fab Beatles, who played at my wedding reception on Friday 11th June at Copthorne. My wife Jenny and I were seriously impressed by the group (and the DJ who kept to our request list), and so were the 100 guests who attended. I was particulary pleased and surprised that the group asked me to come forward and play guitar to a couple of Beatle numbers with them. Please thank them and apologise on my behalf for my poor performance; this was because I had never played a Rickenbacker short scale neck guitar before, or even played infront of a drunk but appreciative audience, who spured me on. It was an experience I will forever be grateful for and never forget, and tell the group I hope it won't affect their bookings in the future!!!!!!!!! Once again, on behalf of my wife Jenny and I, thank the group for a truly fab time!
Wedding Reception at Winchester Royal Hotel
The band were fantasticm - we would book them again for our next Wedding!!
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