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Appearing first as a gentle folk band and armed only with acoustic instruments, The Galactic Bangers ambush their audience with a barrage of pop classics, mixing theatre, circus, slapstick, and insane walkabouts.

Expect to pay prices around the following.

Any day of the week:

£1000 for private parties local to London area.
£1150 for the Wedding package local to London area.
£1150 for private parties outside of London area.
£1265 for the Wedding package outside of London area.
£1380 for bookings in August as they won't be able to tour if taking confirmed gigs during this time.

** Travel is approximately £3 a mile for travel when over the first 100 miles. **

IMPORTANT: Prices are given as a guide ONLY. Please click here for further information on Pricing.

insane walkabout band


Pretty much everything you could imagine!

Violin, double bass, mandoline and ukulele, guitar and harmonica, accordian and melodica.

Pretty much every one you could imagine!

The Galactic Bangers

With a repertoire of hundreds of songs, melodies and theme tunes, The Galactic Bangers take their audience on a madcap musical tour of the world, meeting up with James Bond, Serge Gainsbourg, the Mafia, deranged cowboys, faithhealers, Cossacks and overacting popstars along the way.

Appearing first as a gentle folk band and armed only with acoustic instruments, close harmonies and a shared vision of the surreal, the Galactic Bangers ambush their audience with a sustained barrage of pop classics, mixing theatre, circus, slapstick, competitions, crowd participation and insane walkabouts.

"How would you like your Bangers?"

The Aperitif set

Setting the scene: Beautiful jigs, reels, French melodies and other instrumental pieces, the perfect atmosphere for a wedding, party or banquet…

The Menu (click the menu to the right to see the large menu)

Close-up music: The band circulate to individual tables where guests are invited to request a special 'order' from an exotic and eclectic menu of songs, theme-tunes and melodies from all over the world.


Pulling the crowds: A full-blown street show - packed full of music, comedy and theatre - honed on the streets and in festivals around Europe.

Madcap Theatre

Alternative music:Equally at home on a stage, the group can perform an acoustic show to a seated audience.


Taking culture to the people: Walkabouts - indoors or out. The Galactic Bangers pride themselves on playing where no other band would dare!


The Galactic Bangers were formed in 1990 and developed their show during an epic 5-month European tour taking in twelve countries and performing their streetshows over 250 times.

Since then they have returned to Europe frequently, appearing at numerous Street Theatre and Music Festivals in places such as Ferrara, Neuchatel, Bern, Castellaro and Davos, as well as winter tours of the ski resorts including Chamonix, St Moritz, Meribel, Lenzeheide, Val d'Isere and Chateau D’oex.

Back home in England, the Bangers perform extensively
up and down the land.
Appearing regularly at many festivals such as Glastonbury (5 times!), they have also found themselves imbedded in local folklore in many towns where they have become street performance legends!

The Bangers have played hundreds of weddings and parties and performed at corporate events for some of the country’s largest companies.

They have played in a wide variety of locations from the large
(Earls Court and Knebworth) to the small (Garden Fêtes a speciality).
They have performed at the National Theatre and appeared in Pantomime at 'Circus Crimbo' at Blackheath Concert Halls 1999/2000.


The Bangers have recorded 2 cassettes:
'The Galactic Bangers' (1993) and 'Down the Shops' (1995)
and 2 CD's: 'A Fistful of Bangers' (1999) and 'Great Hits' (2002).


They have performed live on Pick of the Fringe on HTV and are heavily featured in the Music Mavericks documentary by Swiss Art-House Film Director Alain Godet. Other television appearances include ‘Newsround’ and a live appearance during ‘National Music Day’ (BBC1).

The Galactic Bangers are highly versatile and mobile and can play almost anywhere! Here are just a few examples of places and events at which they’ve appeared..

UK Festivals:
Glastonbury Festival
Bath Fringe Festival
National Music Day, Cardiff
Greenwich Festival
Stroud Festival
Hope Festival
Cantabury ('Streets of the South')
Devizes Festival
Coin St Festival

Interesting Venues:
London Zoo
Eurostar train to Paris
Spitalfields Market
The Dome
Dali Museum
Tate Modern
Royal Geographic Society
London Aquarium
Vinopolis, London Bridge
The Golden Hynde
Stationers' Hall
Belgravia Village Fayre
BBC Bush House
Portmeirion, Snowdonia
Alton Towers
Southend Pier
Riverboats on the Thames
Battersea Power Station
Oxo Tower
Christie's Auction House
Mountain hut
(at the top of Mont Blanc)

Arts Centres/Theatres:
Waterman's Arts Centre, (Kingston)
Tabernacle, Notting Hill
Window Arts Centre, Bath
Greenwich Theatre
Blackheath Concert Halls

London Busking Venues:
Covent Garden
Camden Lock
Portobello Road
Leicester Sq.
Cutty Sark Gardens

The Grand, Brighton
The Dorchester
The Metropole, Monte Carlo
Park Lane
Queen’s Hotel, Harrogate
Lygon Arms, Evesham
Café Royale
Grosvenor House

The Bell, Bath
E. Dulwich Tavern
Coopers Arms, Pewsey
The Swan, Stockwell
World’s End, Finsbury Pk
Mason’s Arms, (Branscombe)

King's College, Cambridge
Christ’s College, Cambridge
Birkbeck College, London
Royal College of Art
Bath University
Central School of Drama
Kingston University
Regent’s College, Regent’s Pk

Stately Homes:
Dorney Court
Sion Park
Loseley House
Maple Durham House
Stoke Park

Knowlesey Folk Club, Bristol
The Dover St Arts Club, Mayfair
The Polish Club
The String Club, New Cross
Croydon Clocktower
Bath Rugby Club

The history:

In the beginning
The Galactic Bangers were originally born out of a band called 'the Swinging Plonkers' which was an acoustic rock ‘n’ roll skiffle band with guitar, banjolele, T-chest Bass, snare drum, harmonica and saxophone, and played the streets and lots of parties between 1983 and 1989. Some of the members were actors, so despite some glorious summer tours to places such as Milan, Barcelona, Seville and Brittany and some great streetshows in Covent Garden, the band was unable to play for months on end due to acting commitments.

So in the summer of 1990, Simon, Jo, Mark and Sophie decided to find a new direction with some committed players. To make the band a totally new and interesting venture they all swapped instruments: Jo from T-chest bass to violin, Simon from Guitar to Double Bass, Sophie from drums to accordion and Mark from Harmonica to Guitar. And they found a new member: Frank Powlesland ("Sausage Presley"), who played Guitar and Mandolin. The name they thought of (as they ventured off for a month to play the streets in France) was Frank and the Centimes, and off they went to the mountains of Chamonix and Argentiere, where a brand new street act was formed. The comedy and humour of 'the Plonkers' was retained and developed with a brand new set of songs and some juicy jigs and reels thrown in. The tour was so successful and the earnings so good that it was realised that the band could travel and survive almost anywhere, for as long as it wanted.

Epic European Tour
They decided to embark on a 5-month street tour of Europe, and left on April 9th 1991. For the tour they added Adrian Walker on snare drum and played their first shows of the tour in France. It was here that the name the Galactic Bangers was found, as the band realised that whilst visiting lots of different countries the name 'Frank and the Centimes' was not the ticket!. A Frenchman suggested 'Les Saucisses Cosmiques' as a good name and seeing that the other suggestions were ridiculous names such as "John Barnes and the football results" and "Anal Si and the Wafters'", the name Les Saucisses Cosmiques got the nod. The tour turned out to be an epic adventure with over 250 streetshows performed in France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Switzerland. The name changed to Le Salcicce Cosmiche, Cosmichen Wursten, Kolbekosh Korbesok and Parki Kosmitski, depending on the language of the country we were in, and it was only five month's later when they returned to England that they were called The Galactic Bangers. The Sausage show was developed hugely during this tour and by the peak of the summer in the packed cities of Vienna, Budapest and Prague, the Bangers played a whole series of massive Streetshows. The Old Town Square in Prague was perhaps the peak, where audiences of 400+ watched the 90-minute show every night for two weeks. The show was squeaky tight and the audiences screamed for more. After a few nights, a large crowd would assemble waiting for the nightly performance and the crowds full of 'Sausage fever' were quite amazing - their noise reverberating and echoing around the square. The band fell in love with the place and vowed to return. September arrived and the band with voices gone, instruments worn and after 5 month's of intensive activity, trooped back to England to resurrect their homes and relationships.

Back in England the band played on, but playing the streets of London in the cold and rain with the oppressive busking laws didn't have quite the same appeal. However the band started playing a whole range of Pubs, Clubs, Weddings, Funerals, barmitzvahs, Stadiums and Garden fetes.
The following summer (1992) the Bangers decided to embark on another tour, but with Mark and Adrian unavailable, recruited local talent Greg Orford to play Guitar and left as a five-piece straight to Prague. Again they had a whole series of stunning streetshows in the Old Town square, but also took time out to visit the small Czech village of Potstejn where they played shows for some huge children's summer camps and all the local bars and made many friends. The time spent in Czechoslovakia was so good that permanently locating there was seriously considered. At the end of the tour the band was invited to the Ferrara Buskers’ festival in Italy, which is an amazing festival with over 80 street acts playing to thousands of people for a week, and the band went down a storm and sowed some serious seeds in Italy as a result.
As the band came back to England it had loads of new, well-rehearsed material and as that five-piece, had more availability than had been previously possible, so it remained as that line-up and started to play more often in-and-around England. A Bath connection had sprung up through Steve Henwood, (a fellow busker at Ferrara, promoter of the Bell pub and co-organiser of the Bath Fringe festival). Bath and the Bangers was a happy marriage with the streets of Bath being great for busking and with many family and friends also living there, the Band found themselves trooping up the M4 for long weekends with regularity.

The following Summer the Bangers decided to embark on another 5- week tour but Frank could only make the last two weeks, so Mark came back to play guitar and versatile musician Greg swapped to Mandolin as they went off to Prague and Budapest. Mark’s theatrical skills are immense and the streetshows were as good as ever. The band revisited Potstejn and also played at Simon and Jo's cousin's wedding in Eger in Hungary, which was a great success. Frank came back for the second half of the tour and they went to the Neuchatel buskers’ festival in Switzerland where another great series of shows occurred and the financial advantages of playing large streetshows in a rich western country were realised bigtime. The tour ended in the mountains of Chamonix where again the Bangers revisited old friends and found very fertile Busking territory. Chamonix seemed to be an excellent place with its proximity to Italy and Switzerland and just full of bar gigs and fertile Busking opportunities. The Band soon made a name for itself there.

Back in England, several agencies started offering engagements and the Band started getting better known even though the vast majority of it's shows especially the streetshows had been abroad. Appearances at the Glastonbury festival started as well as jaunts to places such as Monte Carlo, Rome, Andria, and all over England. Sophie fell in love with an Australian and decided to emigrate, so Celia Forestall joined to play accordion and became an excellent addition to the band.

..but not for long!
The following summer (1994), the band decided to go to Copenhagen, but with Jo and Celia not available for the first two weeks went as four boys. Omar Karmi (a Danish friend living in London) joined on guitar originally just for two weeks, but was so good he soon became a permanent fixture. The boys decided to get a totally new show together and after weeks of rehearsal launched themselves on the streets of Copenhagen vowing not to play a previously played song. This injection of new material once worked-in gave the band a second wind. After two weeks they travelled south to meet up with the girls armed with a new show and did the Neûchatel Buskers festival again to rave reviews. Another successful trip to Chamonix followed and the bands vast repertoire meant that every show could be different and tailored to every conceivable occasion.
The band became busier and busier in England but also did an April tour of Holland and Belgium playing the streets of Amsterdam and Haarlem. In the summer the band played numerous English festivals before embarking on another large tour of Switzerland, France and Italy using Chamonix as a base. The only problem was Celia falling in love with a mountaineer who had just come back from Antarctica after two years and felt claustrophobic in Argentiere a small mountain village. It was soon obvious they weren't going to settle in London, and in fact are now living happily ever after in the Lake District with kids.

Contacts were made suggesting that a winter tour of the ski bars was possible. The following winter Mark, Simon, Greg, Omar and a dear friend and brilliant accordionist Dan Teper went to investigate and spent a month skiing by day and playing by night. Whilst not as lucrative as streetshows it was a lot of fun and it was soon obvious that it would become a regular event. Offers were coming in thick and fast and the band was getting busier and busier. Omar left to go to Jordan and learn Arabic so the band settled as a five-piece with Simon, Jo, Mark, Greg and Dan. The summer of '96 was spent with two tours: one with a tour of Switzerland and France for a month and the next, four Buskers' festivals in Italy: Calabria, Santa Sofia, Castellaro and Ferrara for three weeks. It was a highly successful summer and the show had become brilliant.
Kids were beginning to arrive back in England so the dilemmas of working at home or abroad were great. Some of the band were finding it increasingly difficult to travel whilst leaving girlfriends and kids at home. As a result, Luke Moreton (on guitar) and Philippe Wittwer (on accordion) joined the squad, and during this period, the band appeared in England as: Simon, Greg, Luke Jo, Mark, and Dan, and abroad as Simon, Greg, Luke and Phillipe ('The Goat band' - so called because they're always in the mountains).
With Philippe joining the squad, the band had the capacity to do as much as possible. There were winter tours of the ski resorts in 1996-2001 and many many summer tours to Switzerland, Italy and France while the band has become increasingly busy in England with lots of agents such as Crowdpullers, Zap productions, Fools Paradise, the Full Effect and The Ultimate Experience offering a whole range of gigs in a huge variety of situations.

The Bangers have two CDs - 'A Fistful of Bangers' and 'Great Hits' both of which have been highly acclaimed and played on many radio stations. The Bangers still play the streets of local towns in and around London and make regular visits to Bath. The band has played at eight Glastonbury festivals, playing the Theatre marquee, the outside Circus stage, Croissant Neuf, the Nip Inn, the Wise Crone Café, the Bandstand and Babylon - as well as the backstage pyramid last night bash.

2006 and beyond
The Band is now in its 15th year and still as busy as ever. Most of the gigs are done by our core 4 piece of Simon, Dan, Greg and Luke, although Mark and Jo still play with us at big festivals. We've started playing regularly on the Rural Touring Scheme in Village Halls mainly in Somerset and Oxfordshire, which suits our show well and gives us an opportunity to perform shows in Winter. This year we appeared on stage with Eric Idle at the Palace Theatre for his 'Spamalot Launch' and we've got a schedule full of Parties, Weddings, Festivals of all shapes and sizes, a couple of trips to Italy and a week in France.
The last few years have seen the Galactic Bangers become ever more popular - and from the long (but mainly summer) tours of the early days, we now perform practically all year. Alongside the weddings and parties and company events have come new festivals, new agents and ventures into cyberspace with this website and a MySpace presence (www.myspace.com/cosmicBangers).
But in all our performances, we try to keep the same spirit we've always had.

The show goes on and hopefully will do for a long, long time!

Demo Downloads:
File Name
2,980 KB
Salty Dog
2,715 KB
Down The Dartmouth
2,694 KB
The Good Bad and the Ugly
4,204 KB
Dan's Tune
4,799 KB
Spicy Sausages
2,887 KB
Commercial Break
1,041 KB
The God Father
4,645 KB
The Sausgae Song
2,828 KB
Like A Cossack
2,751 KB
2,805 KB
Like A Virgin
3,695 KB
Down By The Riverside
4,374 KB
3,217 KB
Without You
3,096 KB
The Goal Tune
3,736 KB
2,627 KB
Live Video Link
15,173 KB

Extra Pictures (click to enlarge):
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london
the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london the galactic bangers-insane walkabout band-london

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