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The Liverpool Beatles have one of the best pedigree line-ups of any UK Beatles tribute. One band member starred in the BAFTA Award winning film 'Backbeat', another member part of chart topping 80's band China Crisis.

Expect to pay prices around the following.

Any day of the week:

1750 for 1 x 1 hr spot.

2350 min for 1 x 1.5 hr slot with Sergeant Peppers costume change.

All shows are available with the bands own 3K PA system and all original Beatles equipment.

IMPORTANT: Prices are given as a guide ONLY. Please click here for further information on Pricing.

tribute bands

60's Rock 'n' Roll.

All authentic equipment as used by the original Beatles.

Beatles only.

History of The Liverpool Beatles

The band was formed in 1994 by musician / actor Chris inspired by his successful acting performance in the BAFTA Award winning Beatle film 'BACKBEAT'. The lads are all from the Liverpool area and have long shared a mutual admiration for The Beatles and had played alongside Chris in other bands previously.

Following numerous TV appearances and a country wide P.A. tour they were snapped up to appear in the highly successful 'Ultimate Tribute Show' late in 1994 which toured major UK theatres and cities.

1995 and 1996 saw their popularity increase with several UK and European tours of major venues including their own complete history of the Beatles show which toured Apollo theatres and appearances on The Big Breakfast. The Liverpool Beatles and Chris himself have also been the subject of several articles in the press.

"The Liverpool Beatles are probably the nearest you will get to the real thing" The Daily Mirror.

"Backbeat is one of THE great Rock 'n' Roll movies ever. Chris (George Harrison) shows he is as charismatic on stage as he is on screen" Empire.

The Liverpool Beatles don't just give a Beatles history lesson by preaching about song release dates and repeating every quip John Lennon ever made like other tribute bands do, which often leads to a very flat show. They perform With an energy and spontaneity that makes for a fun, enjoyable evening for everyone involved.

The Liverpool Beatles are undoubtedly the best Beatles tribute band on the circuit and have built up an unrivalled reputation. They were recently asked to perform at the Sporting Club of Monaco for the Forte International Hotels Conference, where they were received exceptionally well. The manager of the Sporting Club said they were the first band he has asked to do an encore in fifteen years! This is remarkable when you consider that top international stars have played there.

The Liverpool Beatles offer superb renditions of favourite Beatles hits from love Me Do through to Let It Be wearing both classic Beatles suits and full Sgt. Pepper regalia. Along With this, their excellent level of musicianship and irrepressible scouse Wit and humour means that their success continues to spiral and their fan club is beginning to bulge at the seams!

The band plan to tour the Far East and Scandinavia later this year and a bigger and better Beatles show is planned to tour major UK theatres during Autumn . It may have been "thirty years ago today" but in 2002 their music has never been more relevant.


The Band:

Paul - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin.

Born and bred in Liverpool, Paul is a well established and respected musician in his own right, performing both at home and abroad in many varied bands and duos, as well as solo whenever the occasion demanded. He is also an accomplished songwriter, having many of his own songs published.

Throughout his career, Paul has found himself in the recording studio, where he has developed great experience in writing, producing and performing songs, not only for himself, but, for many fellow artists from both the music and television industries. Further strings to his bow, are several small acting parts in films, TV plays and soaps, including: Coronation street, Bread, Emmerdale and Brookside; with even a solo a cappella singing role in "Parnell and the English Woman"- a critically acclaimed TV drama.

During the last five years, Paul has traveled the world taking in: Australia, China, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and the U.S.A., playing the part of "John Lennon" in the "Cavern Beatles", before joining the "Liverpool Beatles" in January 2001. As a massive fan of "The Beatles", Paul has enjoyed every minute being "John"! In fact, Paul performed the part so well he made the front cover of "The Buzz" magazine in Ireland, along with very favourable reviews inside.

He was also featured in the "Sunday Times" magazine under the headline: "not a still from a "Hard Days Night", but "John Lennon" of the "Cavern Beatles".
Paul is now looking forward to performing with the best "Beatle" band anywhere in the world ..The Liverpool Beatles


Chris - vocals, bass, piano, keyboards, guitars and mandolin.

Chris was actually born in Bristol and moved to Liverpool when he was nine (although you'd never know judging by his accent!) He got a guitar for his fourteenth birthday and his musical career began. He became hooked on playing the guitar and writing songs, and by the time he was fifteen he had formed his own band with Gary and some other schoolmates.

The movie

Chris landed his first acting role in the film 'Backbeat' as George Harrison. He went on to make more films, starring in 'Julie and The Cadillacs' and 'The Train' as well as in the television programme 'Ellington' and the theatre show 'Love Me Do' as John Lennon. Chris's musical and film experience has recently taken him on both sides of the camera. The NBC America film 'In His Life - The John Lennon Story', gave Chris the opportunity not only to play Tony Sheridan, but also to team up with David as Musical Coordinator. Chris has also made various appearances on many T.V shows, MTV, Big Breakfast, and Pebble Mill to name a few.

The movie
The CD

It was the film 'Backbeat' that inspired Chris to form The Liverpool Beatles in 1994. Up until 2000, Chris played the part of John Lennon in the band, but when Paul McDonough joined The Liverpool Beatles he changed to playing Paul which entailed learning the Bass guitar parts, "for every Beatles song in 2 weeks".
Chris is an accomplished musician who has turned his hand to the acoustic, electric and bass guitar as well as keyboards, as well as being a very talented singer/songwriter.


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Blown Away (1994)
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Backbeat (1994)
In this movie Chris played George Harrison.
Set in Hamburg, Germany during the early 1960s, the story of Stuart Sutcliffe, the erstwhile "fifth Beatle" who abandoned the soon-to-be famous band for love and art.
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Julie and the Cadillacs.
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Dave - drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

David hails from Liverpool, a real scouser! After playing the drums on the arm of a chair as a kid, he went on to become the drummer in Kirkby R.A.F.A Club. Soon after David formed a group with two other Kirkby lads, this band was China Crisis, who during the eighties had top 10 and top 20 singles and a gold selling album (all co-written by David). As well as playing all the major venues in the UK they appeared on numerous T.V shows including Top of the Pops.

David later went on to be a highly respected session drummer and also a member of "The Freeze Frame", "Jo Jo and The Real People", "The Immortal" and "2 am" who toured with Chris Rea on his 1988-89 world tour.

Having known the lads for many years they asked him to stand in for a concert and he's still here! Recently David and Chris were musical coordinators on a new Beatle film called 'In His Life- The John Lennon Story' for NBC America. They both played parts in the film, Chris played 'Tony Sheridan' and David played the Beatles stand in drummer, 'Johnny Hutch'.

David is an accomplished writer/producer and Keyboard Programmer and plays bass guitar and guitar as well as drums/percussion. Together with Chris, Gary, and Paul he has recorded original material which that they look forward to releasing in the near future.


Gary - lead guitars.

Gary is another true Merseysider whose first taste of music was when his Mum bought him a plastic guitar at the age of 3. He used to perform 'She Loves You', for any body that would listen, at all the family get-togethers. To this day he still believes that's where his fascination with the Beatles began.

He got his first real guitar when he was ten and hasn't looked back since. Gary has never received any formal music training and only has to listen to a piece of music to be able to play it. Gary met Chris at school and they have been in several bands together since then and remained firm friends. Gary is a founder member of The Liverpool Beatles along with Chris and they also featured in the movie "Julie and the Cadillacs" together.

Gary along with the rest of the band recorded songs towards the soundtrack for "John Lennon, In his Life"


What others are saying!!

Entertainment Properties
"On behalf of Capitol Records, I would like to thank you for being a part of our record release party for the Beatles Anthology series. The band kept the atmosphere upbeat and fun, making it a most enjoyable and successful evening.

You turned what could have been the typical "eat and run" party into a night of dancing and fun, with party guests singing and playing along. The Liverpool Beatles were the talk of the Capitol Tower and we will keep you in mind for any future Capitol/Beatles functions."

(Sujata Murthy, Director, Strategic Marketing/Media Relations)

City of Vancouver:
"The Liverpool Beatles were a great asset to our summer lineup. Each member a true professional - great showmanship, musicianship and such gentlemen! For weeks following their performance, we continued to receive compliment after compliment.

Our "Six to Sunset Concerts" have established a reputation of great entertainment and great audiences. "The Liverpool Beatles" not only maintained that reputation, they enhanced it!"
(Rusty Moe, Special Events Coordinator)

Los Angeles
"I would like to thank the Liverpool Beatles for their outstanding performance at our Annual 60's Gala last week.

The resemblances are eerie, the music is right-on-the-money and the costume changes were exceptional! I had many of our important guests ask where I found such a "perfect" Beatles group!

I also want to thank your group for being so personable to our guests, on and off stage. Our association has been a pleasure and I hope to use your group again in the future."
(Laura Tixier, Producer/Director)

Screen Actors Guild:
"The band was a HUGE success! I am still amazed that you could put together a group that no only sounds and looks like the Beatles, but also ACTS like the Beatles!

Your group's on-stage presence is incredible; you bring the same good-natured humor and charisma to your act as the Beatles did on stage.

One of my assistants, who is a big Beatles follower, thought your portrayal of GEORGE was brilliant; she caught on to several GEORGE "mannerisms" that you were mimicking throughout the show. Your JOHN also did a wonderful job bringing the playfulness and humor of the on-stage Lennon to life, and the PAUL's rendition of "Yesterday" was especially moving. RINGO's solos were lively and your man played the role of the always-smiling, shy drummer to a tee! And all British accents were perfect!

It was a great night, and many of our fellow actors commented on how professional and talented they thought the group was on stage."

(Kurt Wigal, S.A.G. Agency Representative)

Compact Discs - Tapes - Records
"I would again like to thank you and your group "THE LIVERPOOL BEATLES" for you participation in our 30 year anniversary celebration of the Beatles historical appearance at the Hollywood Bowl.

The group looks and sounds so much like the Beatles that all of my patrons were astonished! Our primary Beatle-fan crowd loved you guys!"


Love, love me Blue . . .

HOW'S this for a bitter sweet symphony.

The Liverpool Beatles are one of those bands who are making a name for themselves as Liverpool's very own cheeky chappie emulating the Fab Four.

In October it'll be 40 years since the fabs first made the charts with Love Me Do.

But The Liverpool Beatless' Paul tells me discussions are underway to take their show - with strings attached - on the road.

"We are keeping our fingers crossed that we can augment our sound with that of the RLPO on tour."

Meanwhile, the band, who switch to modern gear for their alter ego as Water, drip fed The Insider that they have gone down very well with one Liverpool bar.

Under the guise of Rainmaker, they have recorded a track called Baby Blue.

"It's all about a bloke who gets dumped and it ends acrimoniously," said Paul. "We want to perform there in the bar of the same name one night - unannounced."

How's that for a leak to the press.

Jul 25 2002
The Insider, Liverpool Echo


IT IS not every day that you find yourself sitting in a big top in the Albert Dock listening to high-brow classical musicians bashing out I Am The Walrus alongside a Beatles' tribute band.

This song's conception probably had more than a little to do with hallucinogenic drugs.

And as I watched the Liverpool Beatles and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra come together in tribute to the greatest band in the world I had to wonder whether someone had slipped a little something into my hugely overpriced glass of wine as well.

The evening was billed as The Phil plus special guests the Liverpool Beatles. But these four boys from Liverpool were anything but the support act.

As soon as they arrived on stage the half-full Big Top at the Kings Dock erupted with something like Beatlemania.

Earlier the Philharmonic musicians had kicked off the concert with the jubilee anthem All You Need is Love and a medley of Lennon and McCartney hits.

For me this was the slowest part of the show, which resembled the sort of Classic Rock album my uncle has forced upon him every Christmas - admittedly it was a very polished Classic Rock.

The Philharmonic only really came alive in the second half when they performed a classic Beatles' medley led by conductor John Wilson.

But the night really belonged to the Liverpool Beatles.

Although some bright spark had decided to squash the band into the left hand corner they still managed to capture the whole of the audience, even us poor souls on the right who could not see them properly.

But the true joy of the evening had to be when the musicians pulled it all together.

With the opening performance of All You Need Is Love the audience rose to its feet and filled the Big Top with as much noise as if John, Paul, George and Ringo had been there themselves.

Somebody once told me this band were better than the Beatles, I think last night's audience might just agree.

By Emma Gunby, Liverpool Echo


Hottest entertainment tribute act

Since their inception, Liverpool Beatles has become one of the country's hottest entertainment tribute acts. With the absolutely uncanny resemblance to the Beatles and as fantastic sound-a-likes, their tribute is unlike any other!

The Liverpool Beatles recreates the energy, excitement and fun of the Fab Four that has proven to win over any cynic or the most discriminating Beatles fan. Proof is in the immense popularity seen in Southern California's British Night Pubs where the band has been extremely well received by native Brits. Their shows have been attended by Beatle fans from all over the world!

Fans of The Liverpool Beatles include George Harrison's sister, Louise Harrison, John Lennon's ex-wife Cynthia Lennon and Alan White, former drummer of John Lennon's "Plastic Ono" band.

This show covers the Beatles' material from 1960 to 1970. All sets include costume changes and make-up to help reflect the evolution of the Beatles' career. The era changes are accomplished by incorporating the use of authentic replicas of musical instruments and equipment used by the Beatles.

This is the one Beatles Tribute you won't want to miss!


The Liverpool Beatles @ The Cavern
By: Clare Stoker, Liverpool Daily Post
March 2003

THIS was a rare chance to catch the Liverpool Beatles in an intimate venue and where better than the Cavern?

Usually the Liverpool Beatles put on big theatre shows with costume changes to reflect the different eras of the Fab Four but this was just the lads on stage with their Cavern gear and it was an opportunity to concentrate on the music.

And musically the The Liverpool Beatless are rapidly gaining a reputation as the best Beatle tribute band out there and that's before you even consider the charisma of the two leading men, Paul as Lennon and Chris as McCartney.

They kicked off with a rousing version of Saw Her Standing There and everyone began to warm up. Unfortunately the Cavern had taken the odd decision of putting an inferior and free Beatle band in another room but that didn't deter this crowd.

The Liverpool Beatles ran through all the early Beatle classics, from Please Please Me and She Loves You to I Wanna Hold Your Hand with their usual aplomb but the added bonus of the Cavern venue made it even more exciting.

A poignant rendition of This Boy slowed the mood before the band launched into Help! And Drive My Car.

People who weren't even born when the Beatles split up mingled with those who looked as though they'd enjoyed a few sixties gigs and filled the dance floor.

If you closed your eyes you could imagine you'd been there at the beginning although if the stories of the Beatles early days are true, this lot probably handle their instruments with more finesse.

Chris's ever-cheeky comments bounced off Paul and between them, there were laughs aplenty although despite repeated requests from Chris, no corsets were tossed on the stage.

Even though the Liverpool Beatless ran through the likes of Sgt Pepper and Revolution still wearing their Cavern era gear, they pulled it off with style because at the end of the day, it's the music that really counts and that's where other tribute bands fail.

Dressing up as a music legend doesn't mean you can pull off a worthy imitation but this lot not only look the part, they sound great, putting together the perfect tribute package.


Demo Downloads:
File Name
Hold Your Hand
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Please Me
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She Loves You
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Promotional Video
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