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George Michael (Leeds) has performed all over the world as a solo artist and also with his own five piece band - Keep the Faith. His accurate images and unbelievable performances of the George Michael and Wham songs make this the number one live tribute show.

Expect to pay prices around the following.

Any day of the week:

765 for 1 x 1 hours straight through set as a George Michael and Wham tribute.

** Travel charge may be required when over 150 miles from home area of Leeds. **

IMPORTANT: Prices are given as a guide ONLY. Please click here for further information on Pricing.

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George Michael Tribute.

Fully Self-Contained with Good Quality PA and Mini Disc Backing.

George Michael and Wham only.

George Michael (Leeds) is a familiar face, so to speak, having forged a very successful singing career impersonating the pop star George Michael and in the process becoming something of a star himself.

Not only does George Michael (Leeds) sound like the real McCoy, the resemblance is so great that when George Michael (Leeds) appeared as George on Granada TVs Stars in Their Eyes in 1994, the programme's make-up department had to 'tone down' his natural appearance, before the 'transformation' took place, so as not to give the game away to the audience.

"Believe it or not, it all began for me via Karaoke," reveals George Michael (Leeds)

"I had been working in Northumberland in 1991 when Karaoke was just emerging on the entertainment scene, and one evening. unbeknownst to me, a friend nominated me to go up and sing.

"I can still remember the tune, and although it was Simply Red's 'Holding Back the Years' I enjoyed singing so much that after that evening I'd get up and sing every week. It was actually the Karaoke compere who first commented that my singing voice was like George Michael's."

Not seeking stardom as such but simply enjoying being up on stage, George Michael (Leeds) returned to Lincolnshire when his contract ended, where there happened to be a karaoke competition being hosted at his local pub.

He entered, performing perfect renditions of George Michael's 'Faith' and 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' which went down a storm. The competition had been videotaped and it friends who ensured that he was then seen and heard by the right people.

The tape was sent to Granada Television and a few weeks later George Michael (Leeds) received a surprise telephone call inviting him for audition for Stars In Their Eyes.

Of the phonecall George Michael (Leeds) laughed: "I thought at first it was my friends trying to get the better of me, but then 1 realised it was serious!"

But George Michael (Leeds), who has not yet had the opportunity to meet the real George Michael, the initial audition was quite an intimidating affair.

"Its one thing singing in front of a lively audience, but another singing in an almost empty room in front of just four people who are sitting behind a desk!

"But," George Michael (Leeds) continued, "I just said to myself, 'I'm here now so I'm going to do it!''

And he did, he was shortlisted and appeared on the show in June 1994, sounding and looking so convincing that he won that heat. And, considering the fact that he had been singing on the amateur circuit for just a couple of months, George Michael (Leeds) did well to obtain fourth place in the whole contest.

"Appearing on Stars In Their Eyes had been a fantastic experience, and 1 just went back to work thinking nothing of it," told George Michael (Leeds).

"But then the faxes started to arrive from agents wanting to book me for performances all over the country.

"That's when things totally changed for me."

George Michael (Leeds)'s singing career really took off, and he has never looked back. He has now performed all over the world in places like Dubai and the south of France as a solo artist. Spotted by TV and radio host Chris Evans whilst entertaining at a private party, he went on to appear on Channel 4's TFI Friday, singing 'Last Christmas' (see the video) and also performed at the 1999 Virgin Christmas party alongside top pop acts such as Atomic Kitten. Other TV appearances have included the Girlie Show and the Late Late Show, George Michael (Leeds) is to appear in the new Pulp video due to be released April 02. (see the slideshow).

Now George Michael (Leeds) gets up on stage at least three times a week, at various venues across the country, and sometimes abroad. He does say, however, that life is on the road is not all rock and roll. "It can get lonely," he says.

Indeed George Michael (Leeds)'s own musical preferences do differ slightly from that which he is used to singing he loves 70's music, as well as contemporary bands such as Coldplay, The Stereophonics and The Corrs and confesses to being an Elvis fan!

But even though the main reason George Michael (Leeds) would rush out to buy George Michael's latest release would be to memorise his new songs to perfection, major effort has been put into making his act believable.

"You've got to give a good performance," he says. "I've worked hard to ensure that the audience get what they've come to see a convincing act."

And they do indeed get that from the sound of his voice to his hip movements, and beard, George Michael (Leeds)'s repertoire is unbelievably comparable to the real thing and hugely popular if you go by the number of emails received via this website.

"I always ensure my audiences have fun," says George Michael (Leeds)" When it comes to having a good time, 'I'm your man!

Demo Downloads:
File Name
Video Club Tropicana
637 KB
Video Wake Me Up
256 KB
Video Don't Let The Sun
226 KB
483 KB
1,909 KB
2,822 KB
Video Stars In There Eyes
2,033 KB

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george michael (leeds)-tribute acts-leeds george michael (leeds)-tribute acts-leeds
george michael (leeds)-tribute acts-leeds george michael (leeds)-tribute acts-leeds
george michael (leeds)-tribute acts-leeds george michael (leeds)-tribute acts-leeds

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